Simrun and Kevin both grew up just 10 miles away from each other and had many mutual friends. Kevin had seen her several times when they were children and always remembered thinking how beautiful she is. He went away to school for several years and shortly after arriving back home he saw her again, only this time she had grown into a woman and Kevin into a man. It was at a friend’s party, she was dressed in a pink sari with silver accents. When her big, beautiful eyes, filled with the glimmer of the party lights and looked my way, Kevin was at a complete loss of words and expression. All he could think about even at this first encounter was how much he wanted to spend time with her and get to know her.

Kevin always knew he wanted to plan the most romantic proposal for Simrun. The morning of their engagement they were thousands of feet in the air surrounded by stunning views, but none more beautiful than Simrun’s happiness. When she turned around, he was down on one knee; “I expressed how I can’t live without her and asked her to marry me. She said yes, we hugged and kissed. She was teary eyed and I will never forget the feeling it gave me of wanting to take care for her and protect her forever. She is, both figuratively and literally, the woman of my dreams.”

“Vinu is so passionate about her art- and it shows in her photos. She is so talented and was not only able to capture the moment, but the emotions that occurred during that time. Her selflessness and focus on the couple is so admirable, and I am so thankful for all the photos and memories she created for us. Vinu is so sweet and humble, it was a true pleasure sharing our wonderful memories with her.”

Thank you for having me Simrun & Kevin!

 Outfits: Sabyasachi Mukherji, Manish Malhotra, Rohit Bal, Tom Ford

Location: Fairmont Grand Del Mar

Candid Wedding Photographer: Vinuthna Garidipuri